An Airy Chverney Rouge

I am a perfume guy–when it comes to wine of course. So, I like my wine to have an aromatic intensity. Clear. Focused. And well delineated. Not a surprise then that I gravitate towards cool climate reds and whites; especially from the Loire Valley. This clarity which I speak of, is what connects me to the place,people and origin. Naked wines, if you will. Without that purity and honesty, I am lost and uninterested. Several days ago, I opened a stunning bottle of the 2006 Domaine Des Huards“Le PressoirCheverny Rouge(Gamay and Pinot Noir). Cheverney, a small hamlet within the Touraine region of Loire makes both red and white. But I most adore their fragrant reds. The color in the glass of the 2006 Domaine Des Huards Rouge is a delightful pale ruby red. A natural hue for the varieties. Take one whiff; airy, buoyant aromas of minerals, and earthy fruit punch the senses; made me dream of the languid Loire River flowing through France. Peaceful. Powerful. Intense. Pair this wine with herb roasted chicken; it will bring you warmth and deliver instant happiness to the soul. Oh ya, all this satisfying, compelling drinking will cost you less than $20.00 !! There is no wine growing region which can rival the Loire Valley for its history: quality:value ratio…… my opinion.
Jaime Brockway Warning: Drinking Less Than One Bottle Of Loire Wine Per Week Is Just Plain Stupid And Bad For Your Health. Approved By Baudelaire.