Jonathan Saruk Photography: A Must See

I diverge from usual business again. Apologies, but after checking out this site, you will thank me–endlessly. Yesterday, through a close friend, I met a young photo journalist from NYC named Jon Saruk. For the past several months, Jon has been in Jerusilem covering the atrocities taking place over there. His photos are a moving,vivid, and honest depiction of life in a small town in the West Bank; a reminder to me that we need to put more and more energy into fighting for peace, equality and justice. His work gives me the chills. This guy is going places; a brief glimpse will convince you of that.


Tonight, I am going to a new paella bar in my hood( I think it’s called Soccarat) with friends from the shop. The restaurant is BYOB for the time being until a liquor liscense is procured. So, look forward to a post later this week on our dinner and the corks we pull. This could be a lot of fun. I am bringing the 2006 Alice et Olivier De Moor Sauvignon de St. Bris.