Eating Well……And Cheap!!!

In these very uncertain times, I am obviously becoming more conscious of how I consume; and the days of going out to eat and drink with friends three times per week is frozen. Indefinitely. So this morning, I withdrew $20.00 from the ATM, and wandered over to the Union Square Greenmarket. With the pup by my side, we scouted out all the vendors and then attacked with purpose. My goal was to come away with enough food to last me three meals. Difficult, but possible. So this meant the grass fed beef, pork or chicken had to be scratched. Also, I could forget a luxury fruit like grapes or heirloom tomatoes. But in place,I landed a beautiful half dozen eggs, a head of orange cauliflower, a quart of mini- green squash,garlic, and a baguette for only $13.00 !! With a little money left over, I bought a wedge of blue cheese thinking this could put some density and protein goodness on the squash or cauliflower. A little creativity and portion control will be required to succeed. Wish me luck.