Muscadet Monday 2


Most likely when you think about decanting a wine, you envision a pitcher or fancy crystal decanter holding red wine. However, there are numerous white wines which  benefit from a rough decant. Take for example the 2005 Andre- Michel Bregeon Muscadet Sevre et Maine(Kermit Lynch $14.00), which I bought the other evening from a savy nyc wine merchant. The estate and vineyards of Andre-Michel are located in the commune of Gorges within the Muscadet Sevre et Maine AOC. Ok, so what makes Gorges different from other communes like say, Vallet?  Well,like most minute differences in wine, it comes down to the earth–the soil. Gorges is blessed with a unique black schist called gabbro which imparts a burly, distinct mineral quality to the wines of the region. Again proving the point, that in Muscadet, differnces expand much further than whether or not a bottle is marked sur lie. Kindly,I was warned by this savy nyc wine merchant, to decant for several hours in advance–and it certainly needed it!!  Tight as nails upon opening, but after a few hours it blossomed like a spring flower. Intense, piercing aromas;with mineral and a gout de terroir which is just so French. Long, persistent and fine. This wine has breed……and I imagine it will benefit from a  long nap. Attention my friends, not only expensive wines benefit from cellaring.

Jaime Brockway Warning: If You Drink A Bottle Of French Wine Per Week Then You Will Die A Happier Person !